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Polk County Web-Based Clerk-Assessor Records Search Services: The following applications have been made accessible to provide you with access to records maintained by the Polk County Clerk and Assessor. 

Click to access the following applications:

Clerk's Query
(Search Clerk Indexed Deeds & Records from 1984 to the current year. This site NO LONGER HAS INDIVIDUAL USERNAMES and PASSWORDS. Please use: UserName: clerkpublic Password: clerkpublic)

Clerk's Direct/Indirect Search of Historical Index
(Search Clerk scanned images of Direct/Indirect books to find historic non-indexed Deeds & Records)

Historical Deed Search (1840-1984)
(Search Clerk Scanned images of historic non-indexed Deeds & Records)

Assessor's Property Search 
(Search Assessor‘s Property Records. This site NO LONGER HAS INDIVIDUAL USERNAMES and PASSWORDS. Please use: UserName: assessorpublic Password: assessorpublic)

Property Quick Search
(Search Assessor’s Property Records with a simple search tool)


As of 1/1/2015 Polk County will NO LONGER be requiring users to register and pay a $20 fee to access our clerk and assessor web based query systems. Please view the above notes and use the appropriate login and password that is provied.




These applications have been developed to support Polk County business and are not guaranteed to be accurate. POLK COUNTY MAKES NO WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING ANY WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, OR ANY OTHER MATTER. Supported browsers are IE8 and IE9.

To contact us, please use the following addresses and phone numbers

Polk County Polk County
850 Main Street
Dallas, OR 97338

503-623-9217 (Clerk's Office)
503-623-8391 (Assessor's Office)
503-623-9264 (Tax Office)


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